HJGSoft has the add-in Excel Adequate

This add-in contains a lot of handy tools missing in the standard version of Excel.

After installing this add-in, a new tab ‘HJGSoft’ will be added to your ribbon:

HJGSoft tab in the Excel ribbon
The HJGSoft tab in the Excel ribbon

You are only one click away from transferring the contents of selected cells to TEXT, DATE or VALUE.

You can save a series of selected cells in a worksheet to a csv-file.

You can load a worksheet from a different workbook to your current workbook.

The CalQulator (yes, a calculator in Excel) will help you with creating more difficult Excel-formulas.

The ZoomEditor makes it easier to edit your formulas. The SpaceOnizer automatically places spaces around your formula for a better readability.

The add-in Adequate has over 70 new functions in different categories. There are wizards available for the more complex functions.

All functionalities are included to the extended help-file. There is also a function-wizard in Excel help for extra assistance with functions.

Download adequate_help; the help-file for an overview of all the functionalities and the new functions of this add-in. (Problems with the help-file? Learn how to solve this here.)

More information about Adequate functionalities:

New in the 2017 version.

You can download the add-in here. You can try the add-in for free over a 10 day period, in which all the functionalities are fully usable.

If you want a license go to the order and pricing page.