SafePass is a password-management program with extra’s.

SafePass - program to manage passwords

When you use SafePass you only have to remember just one password.
Many people can work with the program because everyone has their own file with its own password.

In the application, you can clearly divide your passwords in groups. By using “drag and drop”  you can move items from one group to another group.
Each entry contains different types of information wich you put in the appropriate fields.

SafePass is able to log on fully automatic on websites. If the default logon does not work, you can specify how it should be logged on a particular site.

SafePass - wizard for automatic logon
SafePass wizard

The program is similar to other password management software and is actually written as a substitute for those programs because hackers are now able to crack those programs.

SafePass can create strong passwords and you can specify an expiration date on wich the program will notify you that the password must be changed.

You can also create your own reports using templates. These reports are in HTML format.

SafePass - report
SafePass report

The Brute Force Protection is unique. It makes it more difficult for hackers to crack the SafePass-files. For your own safety it is possible to use the HJGSoft-Safe for storing your (last three) saved files.

SafePass - brute force protection
Brute Force Protection

NEW: To prevent the use of Keyloggers, SafePass can operate in so-called stealth mode. Where necessary, a virtual keyboard will appear and the automatic login will then go beyond the keyboard (simulation).

SafePass - Stealth Mode
Stealth Mode

All points at a glance:

  • All your passwords protected with only one password
  • Password generator
  • Expire date on passwords
  • Clearly arranged by the distribution into groups and items
  • Automatic login to sites
  • Login sequence recorder
  • Brute Force Protection (against hackers)
  • Stealth Mode (against keyloggers)
  • Virtual keyboard (against keyloggers)
  • Lock Screen (for when you leave the workplace)
  • Bilingual: Dutch and English
  • With each update other codes (extra security)
  • Comprehensive html reporting
  • Automatic search for updates

Using SafePass is free but you do get to see some advertising every now and then. Would you stop that and if you want to use the Brute Force Protection and want to motivate the author to build more, please register.

Take a look at the manual.

Here you can download the program.