Below are questions and answers about SafePass




What is the latest version?
The latest version is 5.0, released on August 26, 2021.


SafePass reports that it is already running, but it is not. How can I close it?
Use SafePass -instance to overcome this. If this happens more often than copy the shortcut and enter the Targetbox: “[dricve]:\[path]\SafePass.exe” -instance. Rename the shortcut in SafePass instance.
From version 4.3 this can no longer occur.


SafePass indicates that the current file has changed, but I have not changed anything. How is this possible?
You have opened the file in a newer version of SafePass with which the file was saved earlier. When SMODE is set to Medium or High you will noticed immediately after opening the file.


Brute Force Protection


Can I suppress the advertising?
Yes, by taking a paid license. You will receive a license code that you install in SafePass. After this you will not see any advertisement anymore. You can also use the Brute Force Protection and the Safe.


I use the Safe at Brute Force Protection. At the end of the day, however, the file is not sent to HJGSoft. Why not?
You can send a file up to three times a day by SafePass. This is to prevent spam.


My file is corrupted because I've often used an incorrect password. Can I retrieve the password?
No! The password to save and open the file itself is not stored anywhere. When you use the Safe you can request your last (3) file(s). Fill in the Contact Form with your email address and your request. HJGSoft will contact you as soon as possible.


Login Sequence


I use a default (empty) Login Sequence. Yet it goes wrong during login. How is that possible?
Especially during the first login it can go wrong because the site is not yet cashed. Increase the Default Pause in the settings (Menu Options -> Settings, General tab).


I have a custom Login Sequence. But when logging I find myself on the wrong page. What is going on here?
It may be that the login sequence is completed faster than the site can handle . Put extra Pauses between the assignments.


During recording, I just enter my Username and Password. How do I turn it into <Username> and <Password>?
After recording has stopped, click with the right mouse button on your typed Username, Password or Extra. From the shortcut menu, choose then Consider as… (Aanmerken als…). Now the typeing is converted to the Sequence Command. When exiting the Wizard, the corresponding fields in the main window will be filled with you tapped values, provided that these fields are not filled yet.




Why do not I see details if the email address is hacked?
This is because you do not have a paid license!


How can I have all e-mail addresses tested (in batch)?
This can be done in the reporter (menu File -> Print…) with the macro commands (from the list Field) IsPwned? and PwnedInfo. Let the report run on all groups.


After the report has been run with IsPwned, all e-mail addresses have a Pwned status. Why have they disappeared again at a next session of SafePass?
Your e-mail address(es) may have recently been hacked again. If the Pwned status would be saved, then this gives a false security.