Here are the release notes for SafePass:

version 5.0:

  • Backup management window can be sorted
  • Bug-fixes for Windows 10

version 4.7:

  • Integrity check on saved file
  • Backup mechanism built in (automatically via Settings). Management via File -> Backup

version 4.6:

  • Before exporting, you can choose which group or groups you want to export
  • Integration with the database of the Have I Been Pwned website. This allows you to check whether your e-mail address that serves as Username has been hacked in the past. See the updated manual on this

version 4.5:

  • Important update in connection with modified automatic updates.
  • After August 1st 2018, earlier versions will no longer be able to update automatically!

version 4.4:

  • Distribution of the fields over the tabs (Standard and Other) depends on the height of the screen
  • Settings screen has been completely updated; is now clear again
  • Manual has been updated (up to and including version 4.4)
  • Minor: Two dialog boxes in the Sequence Recorder have been updated

version 4.3:

  • Print…: Groups can be chosen / excluded for printing; also applies to Pin’s
  • Print…: Pin’s may now consist of variable length (was 4) [syntax: 0000…;aaaa…]
  • Single-instance:Process has been adjusted; in the case of several instances, the first instance is searched for and displayed (if found) after notification;
    this makes the switch -instance redundant
  • Exchange the ini-file indents SMTPPwd42 and SMTPPwd over the next two versions
  • Minor: Two popup menu options translated
  • Minor bug: solved a design-time problem

version 4.2:

  • Keyboard animation added:
    • Enlarge keystroke.
    • Make keystroke bold.
    • Show last character.
    • Time animation adjustable.

version 4.1:

  • Field Excepted Characters Added: Characters not used to create password.
  • Layout customized: Fields on two tabs; Expire date and Notes to 2nd tab.
  • Statusbar: BFP status added.
  • Statusbar: Double-click on item opens Settings (on the right tab).
  • Statusbar: right click on StealthMode alternates between off, on and strict.
  • Statusbar: Right-click BFP alternates between on and off.
  • Lock screen added at minimization (optionally via Settings).
  • Field Notes Customized: You can now scroll with mouse and lines are no longer automatically broken down.
  • Menu Help–>Website: Item ‘Buy License’ added as Language = UK.
  • Menu Help–>Copyright: Customized to Language.
  • Adverts adapted to language.
  • The manual is now also available in English!
  • minor-bug: Logo at lock-screen is now working properly.

version 4.0:

  • Stealth Mode added: Protects against so-called Key loggers. StealthMode has 3 options: 0-Off (SafePass works as 3.x), 1-On (SafePass evades keyboard with auto login + Virtual Keyboard), 2-Strict (as 1-On but virtual keyboard automatically appears on critical input).
  • Virtual keyboard: Keyboard on the screen that is controlled by mouse or via a touch screen.
  • Status bar added: Left – StealthMode; Right – date with time as hint (point date with mouse).
  • Minor bug: Import: Multiple lines at Notes were not all read: Was corrected in this version.

version 3.5:

  • Screenlocker added: Activate with Ctrl+L or from the Options–>Lock menu. Unlock with “0000” PIN (4x zero). Change PIN: Options–>Lock Pin menu. Automatic activation: Options–>Settings, General tab, header Protection.
  • Important: This is the latest update in version 3. We are working hard on the new version 4!

version 3.4:

  • New compiler taken into use in preparation for version 4:
    • Much smaller executable
    • Also works on Windows 10 Home (32 bits)
  • Eye symbol in password box (open and save) for showing password

version 3.3:

  • This version is a preparation for version 4.
  • Some of the current features will be covered by the paid license. This applies to: Import / Export, the Sequence Recorder and the Save-buttons in the Print …- screen. In this version you will be noticed.
  • Dialogs are translated
  • By double-clicking on an item you will receive only a notification if SMODE (Settings) is set to High.

version 3.2:

  • Sequence Recorder: Added option to minimize recorder during recording.
  • Sequence Recorder: The content from the fieldnames Username, Password and Extra must simply be entered now. After recording has stopped, the fields are converted to sequence commands in the context menu. The fields in the main unit will be filled with the input fields.
    This allows you to make the login sequence at one time with the Sequence Recorder and also to fill the required fields. See also the new help-manual.

version 3.1:

  • Sequence Recorder: URL only appears after clicking the Start button
  • Sequence Recorder: Counts built for repeated keystrokes; so [TAB] [TAB] is [TAB 2], etc
  • Login Sequence: If the field Extra is filled with an additional URL (starts with http), then the field in the login sequence will open a new browser window with that URL. This is useful if a site looks at an open session and no longer need to log in to a new site, eg. this is the case with Google Adwords and Analytics.
  • Double-click on a item will log on to URL (requires confirmation by SMODE = Medium or High)
  • Context menu (right click) on item allows you to log on
  • Prepared: From the next version on, you will see information about the new version with the update-check
  • Bug fix: Division by zero (0) could occur when saving the file; is resolved
  • Minor bug fix: Paste (Ctrl+V) in the URL box, giving a double result; is resolved
  • Minor bug fix: Drag & Drop from Groups to Groups is no longer possible

version 3.0:

  • Sequence Recorder added which make it possible to record also mouse-actions in the login sequence
  • Field SMODE added to the settings so that the amount of messages of SafePass can be set
  • Automatic conversion of old files to the latest version (applies only to files from version 2.4)
  • Print-form: field URL-link added, so the URL link can be activated in the report
  • Bug fix: Password on the clipboard is only removed (after 30 seconds) if it is still on the clipboard

version 2.4

  • PrintForm: Length TAB adjustable
  • PrintForm: Content HTML screen can be copied to clipboard
  • PrintForm: Link URL browser opens the URL (as URL in <a href…>)
  • Bug fix: Cp button now works properly

versie 2.3

  • After 30 seconds the password will removed from the clipboard
  • PrintForm: Login Sequence added to template fields
  • Import and export functionality added
    IMPORTANT: Be careful with this, because this is in XML format and can be read. Delete an export file as quickly as possible.
  • IMPORTANT: the encryption mechanism is modified and improved this version.
    It is not possible to read files prior to this version.
    On the File menu an option is added: Open version <2.3. This allows you to convert your old files to the new format.
    The program will therefore immediately request to save the file after opening. After this, the file is useable again in the normal way.
    From version 3 this option will be removed!

version 2.2:

  • PrintForm: enhanced print button (still not 100%)
  • PrintForm: You can use your own CSS

version 2.1:

  • PrintForm: Layout is now fully html
  • PrintForm: Source of html is editable
  • PrintForm: save layout in html and txt

version 2.0:

  • PrintForm: Formatting is now on bar instead of in picklist
  • PrintForm: Count added
  • PrintForm: Pins added
  • Settings: SMTP password will be stored encrypted
  • File: file is renamed when it is sent to the safe (on the background)

version 1.9:

  • Moving item to another group by means of drag & drop
  • Copy Login-sequence to another item

version 1.8 (not released):

  • New PrintForm with editable templates (experimental)

version 1.7:

  • Added new field: Expiration date
  • Shortcut menu fields are expanded and improved

version 1.6:

  • Advertising screen adapted
  • Single instance implemented

version 1.5:

  • Serious bug solved: Add Item

version 1.4:

  • Sorting of groups and items is now remembered

version 1.3:

  • Brute Force Protection added

version 1.2:

  • Bug fix: Repeat command keys
  • Bug fix: page break when printing
  • Bug fix: Edit properties in the fields URL and Username

version 1.1:

  • Renaming Groups and Items added
  • Groups and Items ordered for printing
  • Monitoring Group and Item consisting when Adding, Renaming

version 1.0:

  • First production release